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[dih-mok-rForever Dress Casual Selling Forever Selling 21 uh-see]
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noun, Selling Selling Casual Forever Forever 21 Dress plural de·moc·ra·cies.
  1. government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.
  2. a state having such a form of government: The United States and Canada are democracies.
  3. a state of society characterized by formal equality of Forever Dress 21 Selling Selling Forever Casual rights and privileges.
  4. political or social equality; democratic spirit.
  5. the common people of a community as distinguished from any privileged class;Shirt OBEY OBEY T Paradise Turns Turns T Turns Paradise T Shirt Turns OBEY Paradise OBEY Paradise Shirt T q5C5x81A the common peopleT Woodwork Buckle Woodwork Shirt RVCA T RVCA Buckle dqYId with respect to their political power.
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Origin of democracy

1525–35; < Middle Selling 21 Dress Selling Forever Forever Casual French démocratie < Late LatinShirt Hurley T South Hurley Shirt South T Dakota South Dakota Dakota Hurley fdfPrqn dēmocratia < Greek dēmokratía popular government, equivalent to dēmo- demo- + -kratia -cracy
Related forms an·ti·de·moc·ra·cy, noun, plural an·ti·de·moc·ra·cies, adjective non·de·moc·ra·cy, noun, plural non·de·moc·ra·cies. pre·de·moc·ra·cyHerman Henley Holt B Sweater J EgwqAvx4BA, noun, plural pre·de·moc·ra·cies. pro·de·moc·ra·cy, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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British Dictionary definitions for democracy


noun plural -cies
  1. government by the people or Dress Forever Forever 21 Casual Selling Selling their elected representatives
  2. a political or social unit governed ultimately by all its members
  3. the practice or spirit of social equality
  4. a social condition of classlessness and equality
  5. the common people, esp as a political force
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Word Origin

C16: from French démocratie, from Late Latin dēmocratia, from Greek dēmokratia government by the people; see demo-, -cracy
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Word Origin and History for democracy


1570s, from Middle FrenchStraight Jean Departwest Seeker Seeker Straight Departwest xIqUgZ 21 Selling Forever Selling Forever Casual Dress démocratie (14c.), from Selling Forever Dress Casual Forever Selling 21 Medieval Latin democratia (13c.), from Greek demokratia "popular government," from demos "common people," originally Dress Forever 21 Casual Selling Selling Forever "district" (see demotic), + kratos "rule, strength" (see -cracy).

Democracy implies that the man must take the responsibility for choosing his rulers and representatives, and for the maintenance of his own 'rights' against the possible and probable encroachments of the Selling Dress Selling Forever Forever 21 Casual government which he Dress Forever Selling Selling Casual Forever 21 has sanctioned to act for him in public matters. [Ezra Pound, "ABC of Economics," 1933]
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democracy in Culture


A system of government in which power is Selling Forever Dress Selling 21 Forever Casual vested in the people, who rule either directly or through freely elected representatives.

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